Some of the cannabis clubs are not making new members today. Click on the the button below to request an invitation of all the cannabis clubs making new members right now. If you do this, you don’t need to contact each cannabis club directly.


If you want to contact each cannabis club directly, click on the name from the list below. Send them a private message to their Facebook page, or website and you should hear back from them straight away.

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Club NameOpensAddressRating
BCS Barcelona Coffee Shop10:00h - 00:00hCarrer del Dr. Dou, 7, 08001
Sticky Born10:00h - 00:00hPlaza Víctor Balaguer, 08003
Dragon Cannabis Club11:00h - 22:30hCarrer d'Aribau, 71, 08036
Club de Cannabis Barcelona10:00h - 01:00hCarrer de Marià Cubí 105, 08021
Hash Oil Club12:00h - 22:00hComtes de Belloch 112, Barcelona
CBD Oil Clinic13:00h - 23:00hRambla de Catalunya, 66 08007
Medical Marijuana Barcelona13:00h - 23:00hBaixada de Sant Miquel 4, 08002
Choko Club12:00h - 22:00hCarrer Jonqueres 13, 08003
Senzi Club13:00h - 22:00hGran Via Corts Catalanes 674, 08010
K-Lite AC13:00h - 21:00hCarrer Muntaner 119, 08036
LaMente Barcelona12:00h - 22:00hPlaça de Castella 1, 08001
La Mesa Barcelona11:00h - 21:00hCarrer del Rec 62, 08003
Alhambra Culture Club12:00h - 21:30hCarrer Doctor Dou 10, 08001
4:20 Cuatro Veinte Smokers Club
14:00h - 22:00hCarrer dels Escudellers 53, 08002
ABCDA12:00h - 21:00hCarrer del Mar 45, 08003
Semilla de Oro (La Llavor d'Or)18:00h - 22:00hCasanova 33, 08011
Mariland14:00h - 20:00hCarrer tres llits, 3, 08002
Asociación Cannabica Smoke Green13:00h - 22:00hCarrer Girona 27, 08010
Zion Barcelona
14:00h - 21:30hCarrer de Ginebra, 31 08003
Asociació 420 Barcelona12:00h - 20:00hCarrer del Notariat 7B, 08001
ACCB Critical Club12:00h - 18:00hCarrer de Riudarenes 5, 08002
ACCB Jammin Club
15:00h - 21:00hCarrer de Sant Pere Més Alt 27, 08003
Kif Barcelona13:00h - 22:00hCarrer Nou de Sant Francesc 25, 08002
Club Marley13:00h - 22:00hCarrer de la Junta de Comerç 23, 08001
14:00h - 21:00hCarrer Freixures 8, 08001
ACCB Mary Jane12:00h - 00:00hVia Laietana 15B, 08003
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Weed Map: There are over 100 cannabis clubs in the city but only around 5 offer some of the best cannabis in Barcelona. From them you can expect top quality, a wide variety and a full range of products. Above you may find a list of clubs closest to the city center using Plaza Catalunya as the point of reference.


Cannabis in Barcelona is only legal inside the cannabis club. It’s illegal to possess and consume cannabis in public. YEAH, I know, everyone does it! but possession of cannabis in Barcelona’s street is penalised with a BIG fine. It doesn’t help telling you acquired the cannabis at the club; it might make it worse.

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